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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taraxacum Officialus Looserius Sees his Shadow

Apparently the Taraxacum Officialus Looserius has come out of hibernation. Over at CHC, there's a thread about his brief reappearance and disappearance from teh intarweb.

To summarize, an email went out to his list of thousands (?) as follows (props to BTC for posting this):

Hey, I've had some great guidance and I feel bad holding back what I know. I'm going to share with you but you must act quickly!

The FED is cutting the rates again tomorrow. Last Tuesday's history rate cut barely saved the markets from a major crash. Most people don't realize how bad things are. The dollar has been in a near free-fall for a while. All this printing of money out of thin air is only going to make it worse.

If you're not buying gold and silver and taking physical possession of it, you are doing your family a disservice. You don't want to be poor in a likely depression or hyper-inflation. Worse, if the dollar completely collapses, having some gold and silver coins on-hand for barter will be a life-saver.

Mining stocks is an even better way.

Specifically PENNY mining stocks that are set to explode. You can multiply your capital 10 or even a 100 times and will buy you A LOT MORE gold and silver to hide in your back yard.

But, unless you know what you're doing this is very risky! Remember how I rushed into real estate investing? Well, I've been blessed with some great advisors this time
around. The advice has been dead-on for almost a year and I feel comfortable now to share with you.

The company is GoldSpring. The stock symbol is GSPG.

Since last April I'm up over 480%. I bought at 1/3 of a penny. Today it almost hit 2 cents. In the next day or two they're going to release a MAJOR report that shows you how much gold they have in the ground. I bought some more shares today ahead of the news.

Time is VERY short to make a killing.

The stock used to trade close to a dollar a couple of years ago. Then the company had some legal problems which tanked the price. They recently settled their issues and re-organized the management team. They're starting to explore and drill again.

Economic fundamentals are perfect.

The price of gold is breaking all-time highs at over $900/ounce. And it's still
undervalued compared to the peak in the 80s. If you adjust it for inflation,
it should be at like $2400.

The price of silver is an even better story. It's only at $16 when it really should be at like $50 just to keep instep with gold. It's definately a sleeper.

Watch Goldspring in the next days or two. If you research the company you will see they are sitting ontop of Comstock Lode. That's one of the biggest silver mines in
America - located near Virginia City, Nevada. The new management team is
good and starting to turn the company around.In other words, the stars have
aligned. If you can grab a million shares GSPG today (about $20K), you may
be a MILLIONAIRE by Christmas.

If you don't have a brokerage account, run to the local Scottrade office and open an account. You can start with just $100. If you're on the west coast, you have till 5PM to get the money in there for it to be available tomorrow morning. Don't tell me I
didn't warn you. Really, a million bucks is not even a big deal anymore.

Think about it - getting rich slow is pretty stupid when you account for inflation. Like a hamster in a wheel running in place.

That's why I can't sit around quietly anymore: We need to wake people up, trust GOD and GET RICH FAST to protect our families from the coming storm!!

My goal is to be a Millionaire By Christmas.

I plan to accomplish it through proper debt management / leveraging, and maybe some real estate deals, info products and other creative ideas... whatever it takes! The overall strategy is to raise capital and invest properly into precious metals and commodities.

GSPG is your first tip. Come along for the ride. We will learn a lot, have lots of fun and protect our loved ones!

By the way...

I'm kicking off my Millionaire by Christmas internet talkshow tonight at 6PM Pacific. The show will be on daily Monday through Friday. Every Friday I will be doing the show from the Capitol Garage Cafe at 1500 K Street, Sacramento, CA. Swing by and
hang out.The show will be an update of my progress for the day and me answering you calls. You will also hear from my advisers and partners from time to time.Call in phone number is: (724) 444-7444, talkcast ID: 11982. Note you will need to create an account first at http://www.talkshoe.com/ and choose a PIN. About 30 minutes after the show, it will be available for download.

Bonus...I'm going to try to get my precious metal adviser join us tonight and/or tomorrow to give us an update on whats going on.

This is perfect. Get rich quick, bible thumping and talkcasts, oh my!

I was taking a nap while this all went down; some Massive Focused Action to get rid of a headache that's been hanging around for a couple of days. By the time I woke up, T. officialus looserius was gone:

I got a little too excited. My email sounded like a pump-and-dump. IT'S NOT. I
just wanted to help people. But I have enough issues as it is, so no talkshow
and no website. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to invest, don't listen

Or is he? His website, serin dot us shows the following:

Still trying to stay offline, work a job and be boring like Dr. Phil recommended... except for an occasional case of impulsive trigger finger. I need to stay away from the SEND button for a LONG time!

I swear, sometimes that boy is such a tease. Even when he's jonesing for a hit of Web 2.0 popularity, he can't make up his mind.