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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nursery rhymes

There was a little flippen
Who lost his mittens
And he began to cry
Oh mother dear
I sadly fear
My mittens I have lost.
What! lost your mittens!
You naughty flippen!
You shall feel
The extent of the law!
The sad little flippen
he couldn't find his mittens
Although available they were
Sunday night.

I got news for you flippen - Lost Mittens will be available for you, in court, on Thursday.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I have a proposition for the haterz

Can one of you email me? Maybe the Dude or Benoit? or CHJTS?

schnapps013 at gmail dot com


Jake says tonight's fraudcast will be available here (right click and "save as" or whatever you do on other browsers. Or macs which only have one mouse button). Give him some time to upload - its pretty big.

Update to the update:

The Dude has the fraudcast here

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Because I feel this need to do something mindless

And really, to fully understand what Casey Serin means, you'd have to be mindless.

(Except over at What Casey Means to Say which is quite clever and generally bang-on)

It seems Casey Serin was interviewed again by the Sac Bee.

The article says:

Due out this fall is "The Foreclosure Code," a self-published book that tells
how the 24-year-old racked up $2 million in debt last year after acquiring eight
homes in a space of seven months - just as the real estate market was turning

I thought it was due out in July? Is July fall in Australia?

Casey says (in the article, via email):

I want to show people what to do and more importantly what NOT to do

O RLY? How about starting up icanhasforcloshurz?

I call bullshit. You want to try to make money off what you've already put up for free on the web. Which in turn begs the question, why would anyone pay to read your story? In that case, you should take the blog down.

Oh wait. You can't. Or won't.

The article says:

He says his book will have some similarities to author Dan Brown's best-seller,
"The Da Vinci Code," including a look-alike cover

Oh this should be good! Seriously! Can you imagine how he's going to combine Templar Mysticism with his story?

Either that, or he just can't come up with an original idea. Neither can his publisher.

Oh WAIT. They're one and the same. The article says:

Due out this fall is "The Foreclosure Code," a self-published book

I have a self-published book too. Its called a thesis, and I assure you, it has far more substance than anything Casey Serin will ever write.

Bullshit again on selling the blog. You won't because you like the attention. And if your "publisher" wouldn't let you take it down, why would he let you sell it?

If Casey won't or can't shut down his blog, and can't sell it, then I call bullshit on the book too.

Monday, June 25, 2007

There is something wrong with this...

But I am not quite sure what. Perhaps someone can explain.

Casey says:

I promised to start calling my lenders, now that I have income. I need to get a
new Skype headset for that. Anybody have one to spare?

  1. Isn't he in Australia? Is he making money there or is he referring to the "income" from his blog?
  2. If he is referring to the "income" from his blog, then is this considered working while he's on a tourist visa in a foreign country?
  3. If he has "income" or at least money, why can't he buy his own headset?
  4. Why does he need a "new headset" - won't the old one do?
  5. Since when does Casey know the difference between "income" and "cash" and "credit"?

Go on. Discuss.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Link love

Go read this.

And go play this week's 6 degrees of Casey Serin even though its a bit of an oxymoron this week. Either that, or you will have an aneurysm only because few people can hold two absolutely opposed ideas in their brain without going mad.

I'm absolutely fried at the moment after working 8 straight weekends, my back hurts and my legs hurt, and there is pizza calling my name. More on the asshattery over at EN and IAFF later.

Much later.

Oh, and I think Aspeth and I still intend to do the joint post. I have been busy, she has been busy convalescing.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

More pearls of wizdumb

Mocha says:
Use a good chunk to pay of the credit card debt of “you know who.” That will at
least clear your conscience a bit I think.

That would require having a conscience.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I call bullshit

Aside: The other week, I was teaching a leadership course and one of the candidates was really snarky. She mouthed off at me and I called her on it, then turned around and walked away. The next day, she comes to me and says she's had that feedback before, but no one's ever explained it to her.

Ok. Now we can talk.

She's 16.

Casey says:

As always I will continue being very open and transparent with my finances.

Yes, I call bullshit on many levels.

First, he has never been transparent with anyone including his family. Naked blogging? bullshit. Update your financial spreadsheet on a weekly basis complete with compound interest, then we'll talk.

Murst, he's trolling to get posts like this. That's all. He's purposely bating his critics who, in the past have given him some excellent advice.

Thurst, he's never faced up to anything, so why this sudden recommitment to "financial transparency"?

Fursth, if he were really committed to financial transparency and supporting his family, he would, in short order, go home, find a lawyer, contact his creditors, arrange payments, and get legal documents saying his wife had no involvement and is in no way responsible for his debt. And he'd do the necessary follow up with public notice, etc. etc.

Then, he would get a job that brings in steady, regular income.

I call bullshit. He's attempting to show that he has morals by trolling and re-spouting the advice that he's been given in the past.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh dear

It seems Exurban Nation has been infiltrated by supporterz. Or trolls. Or trolls pretending to be supporterz. Or supporterz pretending to be trolls.

I think I prefer garden gnomes.

But seriously, wading through literally, hundreds of comments is getting tiresome. I have better things to do with my time. Like watch paint dry.

Kidding. I would much rather peel the ugly-ass wallpaper from my entry wall. Nasty stuff...it amazes me that people CONTINUE to put up wallpaper.

And really, what it boils down to is (a) Casey is so low I'd rather have dinner with the scum on my pool shoes (b) the supporterz are misinformed and just as ignorant as Casey and (c) Aspeth is taking WAY too long on that joint post :>

And because this is just too outrageous, Casey says:

45. Casey SerinJune 21st, 2007 at 6:22 pm

CashCall is just using scare tactics.
They can’t do much from what I’m
told. Which doesn’t mean I will not pay them
back. I just don’t like people
trying to bully me and my family around.

So you take responsibility, come back and deal with it, head on. Asshat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury

And I am almost scared to see the fury that will be unleashed upon young flippy snowflake. Either that, or I will be glued to my computer with a bowl of popcorn.

Aside: I came home early from my looser job because I felt like 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb sack, turned on the tv and it was some flipper show about a couple that had jumped the gun in (a) not getting a home inspection (b) bought in a very small town - Durham? and (c) took their time doing renovations the DIY way.

At any rate, three things.

Thing the First: Nigel

I'm not quite ready to link to him but over at Don't Hate Casey Serin (well, maybe you should) he's been busy blabbing about what Casey's really been doing. Whether this is for traffic or not, it doesn't matter. Its good stuff and he seems genuinely affronted and appalled by the way Casey has treated his wife of late.

Thing the Second: Galina

Whoa. Man. Would not want to be on the receiving end of that. She is right pissed off, and feels betrayed. I think this last episode with Cashcall really opened her eyes. Go over EN to see what all the brouhaha is about.

Thing the Third

Flippy's "book". Available this summer! Take a look, he made a post with the cover on it. Look familiar?

BTW, the publisher's of "The Da Vinci Code" can be contacted at ddaypub@randomhouse.com

At any rate, its apparently going to be available in July. Are you lining up at Amazon to get that? (Yes, I know its a virtual company. Go to B&N then!).

5 weeks to write and publish.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Any Takers?

All things good staff posts that the Casey Serin saga is lagging. Yes, the last couple of days have been dull.

In the interests of making things interesting, who would like to join in a betting pool on how long it takes him to manufacture his next crisis?

And, what will it be?

Update: Hot damn! Look! He did it again! Looking for housing and money in Oz; due to "complications" his stay at his current benefactor is coming to an end.

So a new betting pool - what are the "complications"?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Supporterz cast?

I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face. Not because I tweaked my back yesterday lifting someone and it hurts but because I'm listening to the so-called "supporterz talk-cast". And quite honestly, its the sort of thing that gives supporterz a bad name and makes them all look uneducated and moronic (more on this later, but for now its funny and worth the download).

The host, Tavington (who has become a quasi-regular over at EN) starts off with a fairly fromageux introduction that is supposed to mimic a "Newsflash! We interrupt this story...!"

Quite honestly. It. sounds. like. Captain. Kirk. Is. Narrating.

Oh! and did you know that The Governator comes from Australia? That's where he gets the German accent from! Really!

(and this is what I mean. Anyone with half a brain knows the governator is an AUSTRIAN hillbilly from a little town named Graz outside of Salzburg)

And then Tavington goes on to pimp Casey's autobiography. He can spell! He knows how to spell "foreclosure" AND (oh my heart is all atwitter) he knows how to type URLs!

And again, he calls Australia the land of the Governator. Idiot.

Separate vacations, blahdeblah. Onto the calls! And some SWEET MUSIC!

::plugs ears::

A sweet $5 prize (is that Australian dollars?) for lucky caller 1!

And they blame Galina. And the haterz, because none of this could possibly be Casey's fault.

Nope. None of it. He is, after all, a self-made man who is also an immigrant.

And the 9th circle of hell is too, too kind.

At any rate, my opinion on this? Its either true, or a fantastic troll.

UPDATE: In response to Ogg's request in the comments you can actually hear the supporterz-cast at Caseypedia. This is the link. (You have to clicky on the box on the right).

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pearls of Wisdom

Casey says,
It’s not like I’ve been caught with mortgage fraud or something."

So the speeding is only illegal when you get caught?

Mortgage fraud too, apparently! Even though you admit to it.

Nice, Casey, nice. Your morals and ethics are more nonexistent than what I thought.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I have a sweet deal for you

Full of Australian goodness, of course. Casey has taken off to Australia and left his wife with $300 cash. According to Duane Legate, she's bounced some cheques because Casey made some withdrawals.

Shocking, yes?

Not really, though. Par for the course.

And yet!

Casey claims to love his wife.

Dude, you take off without warning for the other side of the world and you empty the bank account. You don't love her. You don't even like her.

And worst of all, you don't even respect her.

Does the word "Fucker" mean anything to you?

At any rate, the sweet deal.

I propositioned Aspeth today.

Not like that. Get out out of the gutter; you're crowding me.

Aspeth and I will be doing a coffee klatch cross-posting deal (okay, wine-klatch, but really would you expect anything else?) to discuss the latest turns of events. There will be much linky goodness and stimulating conversation.

And wine.

Friday, June 8, 2007

What's wrong with this sentence?

"I can’t go into too much details but basically one of the main reasons this foreclosure blog is back up is because my publisher is forcing me to keep blogging. "

You're writing a book and you have grammar like that?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Prodigal Son of a Bitch

What did I tell you earlier?

Yes, the taraxacum officiale looserius is back.

More on this later; for now I have salmon, which is not koi, but is still a fish, to cook.

...time passes

It is now later.

I'm sorry for the next; I can't resist, and given the impetuous, unthoughtful subject of this post, it seems apt.

I told you so.

But I won't link it again.

At any rate, Aspeth has a good post about this already, and there are numerous comments over at Exurban Nation which should provide no end of entertainment. Because I don't want to hijack 12 Years, and there's just too much going on over at the Dawg House, I offer the following, which are my not-so-humble opinions.

1. Young Snowflake is back. Not because he cut a deal with family, but because he cannot resist the pull of a 9 month old baby who needs sustenance. That "baby" is what got him his notoriety. He's basically turned into an attention whore who cannot resist seeing his name in the media.

2. It probably didn't help that species 2759 was quoted in USAToday, today and Snowflake wasn't mentioned.

3. I am not a betting person. But I will lay money on the idea that he is neither living at his sister-in-law's with his wife, nor living with any other family member. Species 2759 said he is still a married man. Married does not mean living together; it simply means not legally divorced or single. That is likely the recent developments that has [sic] occurred.

Other than that, nothing has changed. He was forced to bring the blog back up, apparently. One of the comments over at EN posited a contractual agreement to have it up. This is likely the case.

Or, are we seeing the return of NLL?

And its been "nothing but craziness."

But really, what other choice do you have when you live with The Crazy In Your Head?

And look, yet another update:

Its amazing what a little ice cream can do for the mind.

Remember back last week when IAFF was going to shit because Casey got intervened? The answer may be simpler than what's postulated above. Simple: he needed the time to remove all references to Galina from his blog.

I wouldn't be surprised if Galina or some other family member is moderating comments now.

Do as I say

At least in this case.

Apparently, the real estate market just isn't good enough for species 2759:

Others, like Nigel Swaby, a 36-year-old mortgage broker in Salt Lake City,
are reluctant stock investors. Fearing the prices on two investment
properties he owned in Salt Lake City could decline, he sold them in 2005
and invested the money in stocks.

Swaby wants to get back into real estate and has been hunting for homes
to buy, but feels prices are still too inflated. "There aren't a ton of
deals out there," he says. So his money sits in a high-yield savings
account, a diversified stock mutual fund and four stocks: Procter &
Gamble, Nortel Networks, Revlon and United Airlines. "I want a higher rate
of return than a savings account, and stocks are it, until the real estate
opportunity presents itself."

At least he's getting some press!

Friday, June 1, 2007

And look at what I miss...

...when I dash out to Staples to return a file box that broke on me when I opened it. Yet another fraudcast.

I haven't listened to it, but sources say that young snowflake was doing this without his wife's knowledge.

BAD Snowflake! BAD!

At any rate, I promised a hypothesis on why he is like he is (and I now have a margarita so the creative juices are flowing and well-libated) (yes, its a word now. Hyphenated).

Many people have said that he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). The Mayo Clinic (why does that always make me think of sandwiches and potato salad) summarizes NPD as

a serious emotional disturbance characterized by a grandiose, or extremely exaggerated, sense of self-importance. Individuals with this disorder lack empathy for other people but need constant admiration from them

(And I do apologize for formatting in advance. I still can't figure this out.)

Many opinions of snowflake have focused on the first (exaggerated sense of self-importance), or the second (lacking empathy particularly IRT to his wife, and later on his family after his brother lambasted him on a fraudcast).

I'm going to focus on the third: need constant admiration from [others].

We all know young snowflake needs constant admiration - why else start a blog about your escapades about how you're intending to change your ways? Few, however, have asked why he needs this admiration.

And this gets to what I like to call my "Supernanny Theory".

The show "Supernanny" (much better than Nanny 911, in my not so humble opinion) is based off a few premises:

  1. Change the behaviour of the parents and you change the behaviour of the child.
  2. Children misbehave because they crave attention and negative attention is better than no attention at all.
  3. Children misbehave because their parents don't give them the quality education they need in order to be successful human beings.

Now, I'm not saying Snowflake doesn't suffer from NPD. What I'm saying is that his parents more than likely had a role in the development of that issue.

And I postulate that Casey may be an attention-whore of whatever kind of attention is available because even negative attention is better than no attention at all.

And for that, I put at least some of the blame on his parents.

This doesn't mean that there's no way for Casey to pull himself out of his situation. He can't go around completely blaming others for his problems.

Despite what may or may not be true about this, I have three words for young snowflake: Suck it up, Princess.

Alas, Poor Yorick, I know him well

The t. officiale looserius that is.

To recap: the other day IAFF suddenly disappeared. Just a blank page (just like violating the contracts that he signed with the t. officiale galinalis)

A bit later a short explanation page appeared and species 2759 posted a note elsewhere saying it was taken down because...

Ah shit. Just go read it here.

What I was going to say eventually, was two things.

Thing the first: I told you so. I said his family would make him pay for what he's done.

Thing the second: I suspect he'll be back, in one way or another. One of the many changes to the "farewell, cruel world" page was a shift from "The I Am Facing Foreclosure Story is Over" to "it will never be back as we know it." Now its a white page with "I'm sorry" in pale gray.

Who is this "we"? Is that a royal "we"?

Also, I call bullshit on the "I'm sorry." Snowflake has never been sorry for anything, ever. With that, he shows he still doesn't have his priorities straight and continues to believe that all the world's a stage, and all the people merely there to be played.

At any rate, because I do not rant nearly as well as Aspeth , I am going to cut this short. Like the Terminator, he'll be back, except not so much in a guns, leather and motorcycles way as much as dandelion fluff on the breeze of a collapsing housing market. Wearing pleather. And driving a V-W.


Next post: a hypothesis on why he is like he is.