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Friday, June 1, 2007

Alas, Poor Yorick, I know him well

The t. officiale looserius that is.

To recap: the other day IAFF suddenly disappeared. Just a blank page (just like violating the contracts that he signed with the t. officiale galinalis)

A bit later a short explanation page appeared and species 2759 posted a note elsewhere saying it was taken down because...

Ah shit. Just go read it here.

What I was going to say eventually, was two things.

Thing the first: I told you so. I said his family would make him pay for what he's done.

Thing the second: I suspect he'll be back, in one way or another. One of the many changes to the "farewell, cruel world" page was a shift from "The I Am Facing Foreclosure Story is Over" to "it will never be back as we know it." Now its a white page with "I'm sorry" in pale gray.

Who is this "we"? Is that a royal "we"?

Also, I call bullshit on the "I'm sorry." Snowflake has never been sorry for anything, ever. With that, he shows he still doesn't have his priorities straight and continues to believe that all the world's a stage, and all the people merely there to be played.

At any rate, because I do not rant nearly as well as Aspeth , I am going to cut this short. Like the Terminator, he'll be back, except not so much in a guns, leather and motorcycles way as much as dandelion fluff on the breeze of a collapsing housing market. Wearing pleather. And driving a V-W.


Next post: a hypothesis on why he is like he is.

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Aspeth said...

I'm suspicious as well, Schnapps. Casey Serin always has an angle, and in this case, the fact that he's changed the IAFF mainpage for several days in a row is, to me, still blogging.

It may not be the traditional post-comment-advertising jumblefuck that he's settled into, but it's conveying a daily message to those who log in.

Personally, I expect to see more variations on that theme, until the thing finally makes a comeback. After all, who gives a flying fuck what Nigel says about the thing? It sounds logical enough, but Casey had contacted Duane about selling the page, just as he was trolling for advertisers. So he's full of shit even in his dealings with his so-called inner circle.